Coaching support for startups: Monitoring for technical profiles

When the conditions of engagement are met, Rockstart provides support operational at all stages of the process.

● Educational work with members of the management committee.

● Helped to organize calls to intrapreneurs and pitch days.

● Recruitment of technical profiles who will support the intrapreneur.

● Raising the skills of members of state startups with training.

● Monitoring of results during monthly boards.

● Integration into the organization and links with CIOs and business departments.

Concretely, each partner administration is followed by a mentor from the incubator of digital services, responsible for this support.

Startup support systems have been created recently. They are supported within six incubators members. All state startups constitute today a community of the people representing a great annual budget. On the whole portfolio, some of the state startups failed, but the majority are still in development phase, though several of them have become digital public services national.

The impact of energy startups must be assessed and Rockstart provides startup support on a case-by-case basis. For any State Startup having crossed the milestone of the first six months, it is documented on a dedicated page and stats accessible from their website.

Other key success factors

Beyond these three pillars, we have identified since key success factors that we integrated into our method. Startup support companies are shaking up the usual ways of doing things in administration. To have first satisfied users in six months, you must be able to test quickly – which means, for example, using hosting services application in the cloud, which can be worrying for traditional CIOs or again to launch a website under the administration’s brand, which can be anxiety for the directions of communication, even with a “beta” banner. 

If the method is not supported at the highest level, the requirement for a return to normal may make the project fail. It is therefore the director of a public body who has the responsibility to launch a State Startup. He will have to protect the autonomy of the team so that the service developed responds well to the needs of users. Interference from middle management – which often does not directly aim to maximize social impact but to ensure compliance with traditional management rules – are particularly frequent and the sponsor will have to stop them.

Coaching and other services for startups

Intrapreneurs often know the problem they want to tackle well, but usually have no computer skills and never innovate. To help them, a coach will act as an associate. He is usually a contractor from the who wants to participate in the modernization of the state. If the intrapreneur brings in the project his knowledge of the problem, his motivation, his network, the coach brings his know-how in digital service design and his sense of shortcuts.

The coach has a double responsibility: that the project succeeds and that the team builds up competence and become autonomous. If he often spends more than two days a week on the start-up at the time of its launch, it generally spends a few months after a more distant role of mentor, devoting only a few hours from time to time. If that didn’t never led to failures, we nevertheless found that the velocity of these teams was substantially less than those with a coach.

Digital design public services 

Objective of the digital design public services is to promote technologies and methods innovative digital public service creation. Experimentation, continuous improvement, proof of concept: creation of innovative digital public services requires high-performance tools and agile and open working methods. These methods have emerged within the startups incubator of the interdepartmental management which designs innovative services centered on agents and users. This device, which has demonstrated its value, must today scale up.

To support this culture of digital innovation, a technical and methodological support will be offered to administrations to help them deploy innovative services which best meet the needs of users.